Traffic Radio Station – The best house & club music (funky,nu-disco,deep-house,tech-house,minimal,progressive)

-Monday – “Resident podcast” Hernan Cattaneo + guest 8 pm
-Monday – “Club Edition” STEFANO NOFERINI + guest 9 pm
-Monday – “Release Yourself” ROGER SANCHEZ + guest 10 pm
-Tuesday – “Groove Therapy” BOBBY D 8 pm
New start 31.10.2017
-Tuesday – “Noir Recommends” Noir + guest 9 pm
-Tuesday and Thursday – live mix @ Bulgarian DJs 11 pm
-Wednesday – “Stereo Productions podcast” Chus & Ceballos + guest 8 pm
-Wednesday – “Materia Music” MARCO BAILEY + guest 9 pm
-Thursday – “Urbana radio show” DAVID PENN + guest 8 pm
-Thursday – “Transmissions” BORIS + guest 9 pm

-Friday – “Inside The Shelter” PAUL DAREY 8 pm
-Friday – “Suara PodCats” Coyu + guest 9 pm
-Saturday – “Emphasis” SERGIO FERNANDEZ 8 pm
-Saturday – “Something Global” STEVE BUTCH JONES + guest 9 pm
-Sunday – “Bonzai Basik Beats” Bonzai Music + guest 8 pm
-Sunday – “DMix Radio Show” Oscar L + guest 9 pm
-Every day – “Online request” Bobby D 6 – 8 pm

On the 8th of February 2018, Traffic Radio Station celebrated its 13th birthday. In short, this is what happened during the last 12 years: in the first year we had been learning how to advertise and how to reach our audience; in the second year we introduced to you the Bulgarian artists; in the third one we modified our website in order to make it more interesting and creative; in the fourth we succeeded in holding the first place in the chart of the most popular internet radio stations; in the fifth we proved to be providing “the best from electronica and house music”, and made a big step by starting the shows of international resident DJs.

DJ Bobby D presents TRAFFIC RADIO STATION – the best house and club music (funky,deep,nu-disco,tech,minimal,progressive). Traffic Radio Station online since 25.10.2005 at 128kbps/ 44khz ; playing with Winamp and Media Player. Traffic Radio Station is created for friends and colleagues,thanks to Networx-BG. In a period of 8 months since 08.02.2005 it has been only local,then since 25.10.2005 it has been broadcasted in Internet.

Traffic Radio Station – Най-доброто от клубната и хаус музика (funky,nu-disco,deep-house,tech-house,minimal,progressive)

-Traffic Radio Station не предоставя инфо и не даваме възможност за намирането (тегленето или закупуването) на траковете които се излъчват! Подробности може да прочетете тук

Ableton_LiveТук ви се дава възможност да се чуе и разбере за авторските ви продукции. Traffic Radio Station ще промотира младите продуценти като излъчва промото им в продължение на 1 месец.
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Bulgarian_DJsВсеки вторник и четвъртък от 23:00 часа, слушате сетове на Български DJs.

Искате ли и други да чуят вашият сет? Всеки вторник и четвъртък от 23:00 часа по Traffic Radio Station се излъчват сетове на колеги, ако искате и други да го чуят. От 20.08.07 се въвежда ново условие за всички които искат да предоставят сет за Traffic Radio Station. Не трябва да е изплъчван и разпространяван, да е минимум 60 минути, да е подбран добре стилово (funky,deep,nu-disco,tech,minimal,progressive).
Качете своите сетове и изпратете линк в страницата ни във фейсбук TRAFFICRADIO или на контакт формата в сайта.
В групата ще бъдат анонсирани предстоящите сетове на българските DJs, след което може да се предоставя линк за даунлоуд