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Resident podcast with Hernan Cattaneo + guest 8 pm /GMT+2/
Всеки понеделник от 20:00 часа, слушате радио шоуто на Hernan Cattaneo + гости

Hernan CattaneoIn the recent explosion of talent and DJs that the music industry has witnessed in the past few years, there are very few who can show the long-spanning career Hernan Cattaneo has cultivated throughout his over three decade span as an underground artist. Furthermore, there are few DJs can truly attest to the kind of dedication to a quality, underground sound that Hernan has uncompromisingly championed.

More than a performer, he has been a leader, taking the Argentinian house movement from a local collective to international prominence, and along with it exposing the world to some of the most now critically acclaimed sounds in progressive, house, and techno. His own imprint, Sudbeat, has released groundbreaking work from the biggest names in the business, from Danny Howells to Guy J, Nick Warren to Henry Saiz, as well as supported and launched careers for some of the world’s newest groundbreaking acts such as Guy Mantzur, Marc Poppcke, and many others.

A seasoned producer in his own right, Hernan has further championed his own unique breed of electronic music that has time and time again found itself at the top of DJ’s playlists, with a discography currently at over 30 original singles, 50 remixes, and 12 compilations to date. His remix along with Soundexile of Nick Warren’s „La Fabrica“ remains one of the most charted underground progressive tunes of 2013, and new collaborations with Guti (Wolf & Lamb), Omid 16B, SOS, and Soundexile are already in the works.

From there, Hernan Cattaneo launched himself onto the international scene, first becoming Cream’s official South American Resident, and then establishing himself overseas with residencies at Cream Liverpool and Ibiza. This would in turn lead to performances at legendary venues and events such as Burning Man, Bedrock, Pacha, and Fabric. By the time his first international compilation on Perfecto was released, Hernan had already established himself as a staple artist of the international scene, with his DJ sets receiving widespread acclaim for their ability to express a unique, thought-provoking musical journey: a talent he continues to this day.

With a new Balance compilation forthcoming, an intense touring schedule at some of the biggest dance venues on the planet, and his Resident radio show which has garnered millions of plays over the years, it is fair to say Hernan Cattaneo remains one of the most active performers and producers in the scene today. Uncompromising and driven by a relentless passion to deliver the best to those who appreciate him, Hernan will continue to be one of the defining forces in underground dance music for many years to come.

Monday – “Release Yourself” ROGER SANCHEZ + guest 10 pm /GMT+2/
Всеки понеделник от 22:00 часа, слушате радио шоуто на ROGER SANCHEZ “Release Yourself” + гости

“In Roger Sanchez’s eyes, music is cyclical. It’s about “drawing influences from the past and re-imagining it in a completely different way.” Hence why his forthcoming album will be called Roots.
Sanchez’s musical roots go back to the mid ‘80s, when the then-teenage breakdancer started DJing, and became fascinated with the new house music making its way to his hometown of New York from Chicago.
Sanchez also hosts a weekly Release Yourself terrestrial and online radio show which reaches over 15 million listeners worldwide. For the last 13 years he has also curated a series of Release Yourself compilation albums for Stealth, multi-disc sets which are known for their explosive blend of deep house, Latin, tribal and tech sounds. Sanchez’s own Release Yourself parties are notorious all night affairs, explosive five hour sets expertly crafted to give clubgoers an immersive and uplifting experience.
As a 20-plus year veteran of the electronic music game and label owner, he’s happy to see DJs and producers selling out stadium-sized venues. That said, he worries that all this success has caused electronic music to get a little formulaic. “Commercial dance music sounds homogenous these days,” he laments. Roots, he says, is meant in part as an alternative. He says that in the last couple years, he’s seen a movement back towards slower, funkier dance music, with artists using new production techniques and applying them to classic dance music sounds.

Tuesday – “Groove Therapy” DJ BOBBY D 8 pm /GMT+2/
Всеки вторник от 20:00 часа слушате радио шоуто на DJ Bobby D
DJ_Bobby_D“GROOVE THERAPY”, завръщането с по лек и модерен саунд! Новото радио шоу на DJ Bobby D “GROOVE THERAPY” стартира от 17 януари 2012г., всеки вторник от 8 вечерта по Traffic Radio. Веднъж месечно в предаването ще се връщаме 10-15 години назад с вечните клубни хитове! През останалото време ще слушате 60 минутен лайф сет на DJ Bobby D. Стиловете които ще се използват са: funky, deep-house, tech-house, nu-disco!

Wednesday – “Stereo Productions podcast” Chus & Ceballos + guest 8 pm /GMT+2/
Всяка сряда от 20:00 часа, слушате “Stereo Productions podcast” радио шоуто на Chus & Ceballos (Spain).

stereo productions podcast GENERALWhen hard work and talent go hand in hand the outcome can only be quality. DJ Chus producer, remixer, founder of Stereo Productions and creator of the pioneering Iberican Sound, a delicious mix of hypnotic organic house, warm and intense with a strong tribal essence which fuses naturally with modern tech-house. An extensive self taught career based on a long lasting belief in quality music has led to a consolidated position as one of the world’s most acclaimed artists.
His many awards from the Spanish ‘Deejay Magazine’ include ‘DJ of the Year’, ‘Best House DJ’, ‘Best House Producer’, ‘Best House Label’, ‘Best Remix of the Year’ among others as well as being one of the first Spanish DJs to make the top100DJmag list. This is reflected in his surprising DJ sets which range from large festivals to intimate small clubs either as marathon sessions or the typical club slot. He takes his audience on an extraordinary musical journey, from deep to techno and back again, drums always present. Also his extraordinary studio work has culminated in a recording legacy of over 20 years in the form of original productions or remixes either solo, with David Penn, Pablo Ceballos or many other partners in crime. As well as all this he also fronts his own radio show, the ‘InStereo! RadioShow’ which can be heard live on the best radio station sites via internet or in a weekly podcast version.*

Wednesday – “Materia Music” MARCO BAILEY + guest 9 pm /GMT+2/
Всяка сряда от 21:00 часа, слушате “Materia Music” радио шоуто на MARCO BAILEY + гости

Marco Bailey grew up in a small village in Belgium. Nothing much happened there really, but he did learn that one doesn’t achieve much without working hard. He is a true hedonist but a workaholic as well. Marco loves to work hard and spin records as much as possible; sleeping is for later. Therefore, his colleagues know him for his no-nonsense & ass-kicking mentality.  At the age of 12, Marco wanted nothing more than to become a sportsman. Motocross and competitive cycling were his passions until injuries made it impossible to continue and Marco soon had a new obsession, music, then shortly after that DJing. He started playing Funk, Hip Hop and Rock music, New Wave, Punk, Marco Bailey has been spinning everything and everywhere in the World ! Japan, Korea, China, Argentina , Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, whole europe etc etc ..
there are not many countries of bailey was standing on the decks somewhere! His burning all consuming drive can only be calmed by getting into the music. A positive result of this is seen on a daily basis in the studio, where together with his best friend Tom Hades he works on tracks and DJ sets, puzzling just as long as it takes to get it to sound right and release the right energy. Marco calls this his ‘positive disorder’, Positive because it gives meaning to his life. He is constantly on the road or at work in the studio and doesn’t take his job lightly. He invests all of his energy to make sure he can give the best possible performance to his audiences all around the World.  Having a superstar status in Belgium, he travels the world playing the biggest events as well as the small intimate clubs. His mixture of party techno, minimal and electronic house means he is a permanent fixture at all major European festivals and clubs. With love, hard work and fantastic sounds he has succeeded in gaining worldwide recognition.

Thursday – “Urbana radio show” DAVID PENN + guest 8 pm /GMT+2/
Всеки четвъртък от 20:00 часа, слушате “Urbana radio show” радио шоуто на David Penn (Spain), Urbana recording. David PennDavid Penn is an icon in the Spanish Electronic music scene with more than 17 years of successful career. As a producer he has made more than 200 productions and remixes, such as Kadoc ‘The Nightrain’, Deux ‘Sun Rising Up’, ‘Fight Again’, Chus & Penn ‘Baila’, ‘We Play House’, ‘What Is House’, Sandy Rivera’s remixes ‘I Can’t Stop’, Jon Cutler ‘It’s Yours’ and River Ocean ‘Love and Happiness’ all of them authentic house anthems. From Madrid he proudly manage his own label called ‘Urbana Recordings’, crowd acclaimed and undoubtedly one of the best House labels worldwide. As a DJ his sets are full of good & quality music obtaining an outstanding public response, that’s why he has been rewarded in the Deejaymags as the best house dj in the past 4 editions and He’s required for the best parties, festivals or events, so he’s constantly djing in the best clubs around the world.

Thursday – “Transmissions” BORIS + guest 9 pm /GMT+2/
Всеки четвъртък от 21:00 часа, ще слушате радио шоуто на Boris „Transmissions“.
borisBoris held residencies at almost every major club in the United States such as Pacha NY, Space Miami, Bijou Boston and many many more. He has received awards nominations throughout the years, including America’s Best DJ and Club World award for Best Resident. In the Transmissions radio show you can enjoy his sets along with other incredible guests.

But New York is just the beginning of the story. Boris is a resident at Space (Miami), a regular at BPM Festival (Mexico) and Wet Republic (Las Vegas), and has brought his particular set of skills to Japan, Korea, and Ibiza. His annual pool party Get Wet is a staple of Miami Music Week.
Now, Boris is parlaying all that international intelligence into new productions that represent a fresh musical direction. New Generation, his aptly named debut EP on SCI+TEC (the venerable underground label of legendary artist Dubfire), is deep techno with an energetic BPM: One cut of undeniable funk (“Generate”) and one of undeniable filth (“Foul Beats”), each meant to take the night to the next level. It follows up “Give Yourself” on Roger Sanchez’s Stealth, an electro-house nugget with a walloping kick drum and epic double breakdown. These are the first in a stream of new work melding harder tech sounds with dance floor dynamics.

Friday “Suara PodCats” with Coyu + guest 9 pm /GMT+2/
Всеки петък от 21:00 часа слушате радио шоуто на Coyu + гости

suara-podcats‘The Big Cat’, Catalan DJ/producer better known internationally as COYU is the priest of the Suara house and techno temple which is without a doubt one of the most prominent imprints in the worldwide electronic music scene, reached #1 on both Beatport and Resident Advisor.

Following a flurry of great remixes for the likes of Fatboy Slim (Skint), Joseph Capriati (Drumcode), Pete Tong & John Monkman (Suara), MOBY & Skylar Grey (Little Idiot) just to name a few, he is steadily signing no less groovy original tracks such as “The Cat” (Hot Creations), “Apparition” (Noir), „Profound Pleasure“ (Defected) or the already classics „Balls“ and „Y.E.A.H.“, both released on his beloved Suara. From his very great ‘hit’ “El Baile Alemán” (Liebe Detail, 2009) Coyu has released also on many other labels such as Get Physical, Bedrock, Cocoon, 100% Pure, Systematic, etc.

The worldwide clubbing music scene has surrendered to Coyu’s performances. He recruited fans from every corner of the globe, playing at venues and festivals such as Sónar, Piknic Electronik, Supersonic (India), Ultra Music Festival, Boiler Room, Ministry Of Sound, ETC.

And of course, Ibiza! After a remarked residency in Pacha (Insane), during the last two years he has presented a successful Suara weekly residency at Booom (2014) and Sankeys (2015).

Saturday – “Something Global” STEVE BUTCH JONES + guest 9 pm /GMT+2/
Всяка събота от 21:00 часа, слушате “Something Global” радио шоуто на Steve Butch Jones + гости
SteveButchJonesDJ/presenter/producer/remixer Steve’Butch’Jones has had a love for electronic music since he was in short trousers, a DJ since his early teens from the days of acid through to the emergence of house and a lover of all things techno.
Originally hailing from England but having clearly arrived on the global scene, Steve’s musical career started from admirably humble beginnings. In 88/89 acid house was playing a big part in his life searching for the latest underground tunes in Liverpool’s basement record shops, all at the tender age of 14. Playing them on a friend’s dusty old DJ console he had discovered his passion for mixing records. Through a friend, Steve was asked to play a party and that’s what started it all.
To make money to pay for his unrelenting habit as a vinyl junky, over the next few years Steve was doing the party piece. Not the coolest way to start, but he couldn’t even drive yet! So after those few years in the wilderness of being a mobile jock – (just as so many had begun before him, like Carl Cox), the real DJing began.
After some time breaking in to the Liverpool scene, Steve soon became known for his long, cool and typically more proggy/techy style DJ sets. They were heavily influenced by frequenting the underground clubs of the time and one special club in Liverpool introduced him to the sounds of DJs from the US, like David Morales and Frankie Knuckles, so weekends were spent at Cream at every given opportunity.
Steve has for a time promoted his own club events in Liverpool (Dirty Look) & Brighton (BrightonDJs), and ran his own successful DJ agency, GBdjs Artist Management (2002-2009).
Moving to the current day see’s Steve’s Something Global radio show (since 2008) fast becoming one of the most successful dance music shows with internet broadcasts to all of the world. It has achieved a near cult status with listeners. Steve shares his platform weekly by bringing in worldwide guest DJs. From superstars of the scene, to the relatively unknown, all are given the same platform and opportunity. The focus has always been on whats new or whats next, never looking back.
Along with an exciting tour schedule, you will find Steve busy in the studio working on remixes and new material released under one of his pseudonym’s, Silverback or Tree4.
There are no signs of Steve slowing down with his Something Global show forever growing in popularity and talk of a highly anticipated artist album – watch this space for more news…

Bonzai Basik Beats with Bonzai Music + guest 8 pm /GMT+2/
Всяка неделя от 20:00 часа слушате радио шоуто на Bonzai + гости

BonzaiBasikBeatsRedLogoBonzai Basik Beats is a weekly radio show airing on FM and Webradio for over 5 years, where top DJ’s showcase a wide range of music including the best in Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Deep House grooves. Past broadcastings and all tracklists are also available.

DMix Radio Show with Oscar L + guest 9 pm /GMT+2/
Всяка неделя от 21:00 часа слушате радио шоутп на Oscar L + гости

DMix Radio Show Oscar LOscar L is one of the top Spanish artists in the Techno and Tech House world. As a producer he is known to deliver consistent productions. Recently his “Alors on Danse” on Suara peaked at #1 in the Tech House Chart and top 100 Overall Chart in Beatport for over 6 weeks.
Currently he has tracks and remixes with some of the most prestigious labels in the industry at the moment such as: Toolroom Records (Mark Knight), Stereo Productions (Chus + Ceballos), Difinitive (John Acquaviva), 1605 (Umek), Yoshitoshi (Sharam), Elevate, Stick, Hotfingers just to name a few…

For the second straight summer Oscar holds his own event, Mutte Ibiza Boat Party. Mutte is an intimate 150-person event held in a Catamaran. It is a unique experience with top DJ’s and an incredible view of the magical island of Ibiza.
His performances are charged with great energy and vibe as he is constantly interacting with the crowd to find that unique connection with the partygoers in the dance floor. This is how Oscar has proven his professionalism with the dance music industry. His style is incomparable as it is unique providing innovating and diverse music to his thousands of followers.